Pearl Lian Restaurant & Bar

Thai Spicy Lamb

Thai Spicy Lamb
Sliced lamb top round, stir fried with bell
peppers, onion, green onions,
mushrooms, baby corn and fresh basil
leaves in Thai spicy sauce.

Sushi Deluxe

12 pieces of nigiri and a California roll.

Kung Pao Chicken

Sliced chicken sautéed with bell peppers,
onions, zucchini, mushrooms and
peanuts and then stir fried in a spicy Kung Pao



Ana P.

This is probably my favorite place for asian good. It's so good , really cant go wrong with any type of meal there. Their jasmine fried rice is amazing ! You wont regret it.


Dan M.

Pearl Lian has decent food....better than average, but not fantastic. I'd say 3.5 stars but not good enough to round up to 4. The atmosphere is nice....better than a typical dive Chinese restaurant in a strip mall. The General Tso's chicken was actually pretty good, but the other dishes we tried were underwhelming. Don't come here for Thai food - go to Bai Tong or Thai Basil for that. Their Chinese is pretty decent. The restaurant was also eerily quite. I felt that I had to continually lower my voice so the other patrons weren't listening to my every word. The service was good, the food came out fast. Unfortunately there are too many other good places to eat in the area, I probably won't be back.


Shalin P.

Pearl Lian is an Asian restaurant that serves sushi, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. This review is only for their Thai dishes, which were definitely mediocre.Massaman Curry- Granted, this is a complex dish that even many Thai restaurants can't pull off, but theirs was nothing special. The flavor was bland and the avocado was over-ripe and slightly black.Drunken Noodles- Definitely not one of the better versions we've tried. The flavor was off, and was slightly on the sweeter end. The fried tofu wasn't bad though.Thai Fried Rice- This fried rice was lacking flavor as well, and had more of a Chinese flavor to it than a Thai flavor. On the bright side, if you order pick-up online, they offer coupons for free food (free soup if you spend , free Cali roll if you spend , etc). I'd be willing to come back to try the sushi or Chinese dishes, but for Thai, I'd definitely rather go elsewhere.


Rania R.

I visited Pearl Lian about 45 minutes before they were going to close (after their lunch time, so they can prepare for dinner- pay attention to this, they close for a few hours during the day). Overall, the restaurant is beautiful and spacious and well decorated. The tables are spaced nicely and it looks CLEAN which I think is a huge deal. However, my experience here was truly mediocre. The food was standard and simply OKAY. I ordered the hot and sour soup and the massaman curry with chicken and extra vegetables. I also asked the waiter if he could ensure the curry wasn't spicy as I had my almost 1 year old with me and wanted him to eat a bit as well and low and behold when it came out it was about a 5-10 on the spicy scale. Definitely not mild enough for an infant to eat. Also, we felt extremely rushed as the kitchen was set to close shortly and you could tell our waiter wanted to get out of there because we felt uncomfortable enough to feel like we had to scarf our food down to leave. My mother in law ordered the coconut soup which she loved and raved about. If I could make I will definitely try it. She said it was phenomenal, she also ordered a curry and she asked for no meat or tofu and extra vegetables and it came loaded with veggies, so she was very happy! All in all, I think my experience was mediocre because they were close to closing for the day but I do think if I came back earlier it would have been a much better experience, so I will likely try it out again.


Ashley B.

The review is in the picture. The Manager didn't even come speak to us after we notified the waiter.


Timy V.

Worst!! I bought dinner with Uber eats having been to this restaurant over 20+ times. First I ordered a coke they gave me Diet Coke. The food was soggy and tasted like vinegar. Total waste of money. I will be getting a total refund.


Lisa F.

The place was well decorated and the food was decent. The service was fast so helpful for those who work nearby and need to be in and out


Ihorizon A.

Thumbs up for PEARL LIAN and UBEREATS BAO! Sunday morning and I had a craving for Chinese / Thai lunch and the closest one I wanted is closed on Sundays. Saw that Pearl Lian was open but kinda far for delivery. Took a chance on Ubereats ordering online and praying that Ubereats is not letting me down and delivers from afar! Ordered the Mongolian Triple (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp) and option to choose spice level (I picked Medium) and you can add variety of extra items to the onion mix so I chose mushrooms and zucchini.  Thank you Pearl Lian and Ubereat driver BAO! YAYYY! I am so HAPPY that this dish is by far the best food as you can't find this anywhere else.  And I wished I had ordered more items on the menu as it is that good!


Alisha C.

Great lobster sushi rolls. Always fresh. One of my favorite rolls. Always pleased with the quality of food.


Zumer K.

Been here a few times over the years. Always had a better experience during dinner time. Do stay open later then most places in the area. Sushi sometimes is a hit or miss. I'm not to impressed with It overall. They can stir fry any dish for you & do accommodate allergies for the most part. Staff is attentive & polite. Soup came HOT. As pictured Cantonese Chinese soup :shrimp wonton , lettuce,mushrooms & chicken broth  is an awesome winter side. The chili sauce is house made. During the holidays place is usually busy , suggest have reservations. The walk in wait can be 40 mins or less. They do have a room for parties of 8. When having a large party place does expect people to be on time. During parties all the food is not always on time , though.


Lucy E.

Pearl Lian was a great choice. Flavorful and fresh options across many Asian cultures including Chinese and Thai. The Thai tea was delectable. I went with the Tangerine Steak rice plate and it tasted like everything I imagined. I will definitely be back, indeed, for the stellar service as well. Thank you.


Ryan B.

TL:DR-There are places nearby that do everything on the menu better for the same or less. Food is worse than any of the local takeouts at almost double the price. Pearl Lian, sigh. I wanted so much to like this place. I kept going back for different dishes at different times of the day to see if it was an anomaly or if they just didn't do a specific type of dish well. I don't like to judge on a single visit. Nope, my first impression stands. PL tries to position itself as an upscale dine in experience. The food is worse than most of the takeout places for considerably more money. Wei Dao across the street does better Chinese at ~the same price. My first experience was with the Kung Pao Chicken. Heavy on the veggies and light on the chicken. I asked for spicy and there were no chili's and no spice to the dish. The chicken pieces ranged from minuscule minced to larger than bite size (had to be cut). Also, it was clear the chicken was poorly trimmed as it had a lot of chewy joint pieces. Also the sauce tasted like some sweet and sour had been spilled. General Tso's/Sesame Chicken-unevenly sized. Several pieces 3-4 bites and some just barely qualify as a spot of fried flour. No spice to the General Tso's. Sesame Chicken burnt, returned and next round took an extra 30 minutes (bc more customers had ordered before I was served and they had to be served first?). Thai food-curry was okay, but Thai Basil on McGinnis Ferry does better for cheaper. Unevenly sized meat pieces again. Pad Thai my friend had, the noodles were mush and looked like they'd been out for a while. Other dishes were blah. General comments, Chicken was often overcooked, rice was soggy like it had cooked too long, too much water. Egg rolls were sometimes burnt and sometimes soggy (oil temp not right for fryer?). Crab Rangoon was fine. Never tried the sushi, saw some pretty presentations, but also saw people having to chew like the meat or nori wasn't sushi grade.


Shariza W.

We came here for lunch on a Sunday and was amazed by the ambience and zen feeling of the restaurant . However , my appetizer ( spider roll) came out 30 minutes after ordering and was doused with sweet sauce . My entree of Szechuan shrimp was no better , the sauce tasted like Heinz ketchup and sugar . We will not be returning again , there are tons of Asian places with nice ambience , good food and better service.


Kimberly H.

Delicious food & a beautiful restaurant. Our family loves all of the unique decorative touches the restaurant has to offer. Low lighting, cozy booths, and if you are able to sit close to the kitchen, you can watch the chef through the see through glass. My daughter and I love to order hot tea here-it comes in a transparent, glass kettle with a lit candle under it to keep the tea warm. Food is excellent, hunan shrimp, sushi, lettuce wraps, miso soup-all delicious. They have a very reasonable lunch menu as well.


Dee C.

I wish I could give it zero stars. I was thoroughly disappointed in my experience today at Pearl Lian. We walked in and had to wait  an unreasonable amount of time to be seated because the hostess was packing a to-go order for someone who hadn't even arrived.  As we stood there I was astounded that the hostess was so unprofessional as to keep us waiting in deafening silence as she continued packing the bag for what seemed like forever.  Mind you, there wasn't the slightest wait for seating either as business was unusually slow for a Friday evening.  We were finally seated, but by this time we were already turned off, grabbed our belongings and left the restaurant.  I should've mentioned something to the manager about the poor  treatment, complete lack of basic customer service and respect we experienced, but I couldn't stand to be there a minute longer.  I used to be a faithful customer, but it seems my patronage is no longer appreciated.  It's sad that I had to even write this kind of review for one of my favorite restaurants but management needs to retrain employees about what good customer service looks like and how to treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Nicholas T.

Upscale Chinese with mediocre pricing. Average plates are -20 and they are generous proportions. We had the Octopus Salad and Moo Shoo Pork, and a Shrimp/Chicken Dish, they were a 5 Star on presentation and take, served almost too hot to eat, which means it was perfect. This isn't a Chinese Restaurant where you find Spare Ribs, Egg Roll, Shrimp Toast, so don't go with that expectation and you will delight in the offerings. Sushi, and Thai Dishes are all on the menu. We split an appetizer, had 2 main dishes , and before tip the meal was .00.


Kathleen S.

This place is pretty good. Its not the best place around, but it is usually pretty good. They have a really good panang curry and I have had some of their sushi rolls that are really tasty. Sometimes you get the B team with your service, but for the most part they do a good job.


R J.

Pearl Lian is fantastic! We go there often for lunch and food has always been on point. You'll be surprised by the decor. It's very tastefully done and to see something like this outside of the city is surprising.They have a delivery service and their website is really good. I placed an order and it stated 30-45 mins. When I called an hour later they apologized and told me that the driver was on the way. Not only did he deliver great food but also added a large bowl of soup to show their appreciation. Food was excellent as usual and I will keep supporting this local business as they know what customer service means.


Julianne T.

Don't take your small children to eat here.  They don't have diaper changing stations in their bathrooms.  This is unacceptable for a restaurant!


Ashley J.

I was looking for a new Thai restaurant to try, and came across this one on Yelp. I ordered my go-to order, Pad Thai with tofu, and my fiancé ordered the spicy mango chicken. When our orders came out, my dish had chicken & tofu. I let the waiter know, and he promptly took it back and had a new dish started for me. So while I was waiting for mine, I tried the spicy mango fiancé and I both agreed it was really flavorful. My dish came out in maybe 5-8 min, and it was really good. I had asked for medium spicy, but it was not spicy at all. Next time I would ask for hot. Despite that, it was fresh and flavorful. Definitely a solid place for Thai food. Good food, service, and ambiance. I will be back!