Oriental Restaurant & Bar
11600 Medlock Bridge Rd # 100
Duluth, GA 30097 Call: 678-205-1326


Hello and Welcome to Chinese, Sushi, and Thai Restaurant – Pearl Lian


I hope you will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Without you this would be just a place of physical beauty. With your participation, it can become a special moment of culinary enjoyment that will remain in your memory for a long time. To me, a restaurant should be more than a physical enclosure for the consumption of food. I wanted to create a place that is a cultural showcase of oriental culinary arts and architectural design. Moreover, I also wanted to have an ambience and sense of familiar comfort that appeals to our American sensibility. I call it BEAUTIFUL; that is the literal meaning of the chinese name. “Pearl Lian” is my own whimsical transliteration. My staff will be pleased to assist you in making your selections. Once again, welcome and enjoy your visit. Do let me know if we have succeeded to make this a beautiful culinary experience.

Thank You
Andy Fang
Owner, Pearl Lian Oriental Bistro and Bakery